Event Sourcing Framework that you can benefit during your transition towards CQRS

Enterprise-Scale Eventually Consistent Framework

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Eventual Consistency

Open Source

Initially open source, forever open source

Production-ready Stack

No blocking transactions by splitting read and writes, eventually consisting to the expected state 

Benefiting from Kafka, Hazelcast and Cassandra 

eventapis is a Java based Event Sourcing framework which can be benefited by the teams who are planning to make CQRS transitions with minimum learning curve and ease of adaptation.

It has a unique architecture called Operation Store™ together with the stack elements including Docker, Kafka, Hazelcast and Cassandra.

Sequence of events in order to achieve to the desired state

New era of software is in transition from classical blocking architecture to loosely coupled and distributed architecture.

High performance and highly scalable

CAP Theorem

BASE(Basic-availability, Soft-state, Eventually consistency) rather than ACID(Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) 

Consistency, Availability and Partition Tolerance cannot be archieved together

Event Sourcing


More BASE, no ACID!

Command Query Responsibility Segregation

"I used eventapis framework in one of my project which helped me to get familiar with CQRS with a minimum learning-curve"

Baran Ipek, Software Developer

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